3 Instagram Marketing Tips Every Beginning Infopreneur Needs

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen ANYONE teach you these 3 specific tips before you get started with Instagram Marketing… yet they hold the KEY to your success! In this article, not only will you discover how these 3 tips can super-charge your Instagram Marketing efforts, but you’ll also discover why they are critical if you want to bypass the mistakes most Beginning Infopreneurs make. 

Tip #1: Do A Little Bit Of Instagram Marketing Every Day

Beginning infopreneurs listen closely on this tip: you need to spend a little bit of time Instagram marketing every single day to start getting used to it and build momentum. (Also your audience will start looking forward to seeing your posts).

What’s most important about this is that if you try to do all your Instagram marketing all at once, or one day a week, it won’t get done; (It will be this BIG MONSTER that you will be afraid to tame).

Don’t neglect this because without marketing, you won’t make any sales. PERIOD..

For best results here you should mark off at least 30 minutes A DAY on your calendar in advance to do our Instagram marketing. That appointment every day will go a long way to your success;.

Tip #2: Pick A Specific Audience Or Group To Serve

Beginning infopreneurs unlock big doors with this simple key tip. Here it is: If you are not sure who you are serving, your message will not be very clear and you can waste a ton of time on Instagram and have very little to show for it;.

The most important thing to get with this is if you try to market to everyone, your message will be too general to pack any punch with any particular audience.

This spells the difference between success and failure for anyone because if you send mixed or vague messages, it is hard for your audience to take any precise actions as it’s not clear what they should be doing. You’re better off picking a specific group and crafting your message specifically to them rather than trying to sell to anyone (and everyone) who could potentially use your product.

The next step here is to Identify the group(s) most likely to buy your info product and tweak your Instagram posts to speak more directly to them.

Tip #3: Use High Quality Images

A main idea beginning infopreneurs keep overlooking is the fact that all images you use in Instagram should be high quality images.

What’s most important about this tip is that people now expect clear crisp images on Instagram and that is what you should give them.

You need to understand this spells the difference between success and failure because Instagram always favors clean and well designed posts and they have a further reach. 

Now the thing for you to do is not have an Instagram profile that has just been slapped together without any forethought or planning. It will be just a waste of your time. .

Looking at the big picture, these 3 Instagram Marketing tips add a big advantage for you as a Beginning infopreneur. But never forget that getting Instagram Marketing success and moving to the point where you start winning with marketing on Instagram takes a lot more than you learned so far. Think of the article here as just the start of your journey towards getting a lot more facts about what it takes to join the ranks of successful Beginning infopreneurs.

Stay tuned for my upcoming Instagram training coming soon!

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